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Unfair Competition Practices Can Jeopardize Your Business

Unfair trade practices by your direct or potential competitors can harm your business. If you have an established business and suddenly a new competitor uses or copies your products or services without your permission or your customer base is pilfered, your bottom line is at risk. Unfair competition covers a broad area of confusing or deceiving the public about the source of products or services. It includes written or verbal misrepresentation, deceptive practices, false information and misleading illustrations, among others.

When your competition uses your ideas or when your customers are at risk of leaving, you need experienced business law representation sooner rather than later. At Watrous | Goodwin | Reha, our team is well-versed in handling the highly complex litigation that can arise under unfair competition matters. One of our founding attorneys, John F. Reha, created the leading professional education course in unfair competition matters for other Colorado lawyers. Call 720-594-7400 to schedule an appointment to explore your legal options.

Protect Your Business With Skilled Representation

Business rivalry can be fierce. If your competition accuses your business of unfair competition, you must act quickly. Social media backlash spreads like a wildfire and may cause permanent damage to your enterprise’s reputation. Safeguarding your products and services in the marketplace often requires skill in the courtroom to defend your practices. Call our firm for the help you need if your business is facing allegations of:

  • Misrepresenting facts about your services
  • Failing to address deceptive practice claims promptly
  • Providing false information
  • Deceptive illustrations
  • Confusing or deceiving the public

Our innovative approach to seeking remedies can help save your business.

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Is unfair competition threatening your business? Work with our seasoned team of commercial litigation attorneys. Our business lawyers have in-depth insight to help you. Email or call Watrous | Goodwin | Reha in Littleton at 720-594-7400. Our firm serves clients throughout the greater Denver metropolitan area.