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Helping You Deal With Taxation Matters

There are few things in life more confusing than taxes. Many people struggle with understanding their taxes, especially when it comes to a business. We want to help make the process easier and ensure that you understand your tax burden.

At Watrous | Goodwin | Reha, our attorneys offer full-service taxation advice and legal guidance. We help individuals and businesses in the Littleton and greater Denver metropolitan area deal with their taxation matters. We pride ourselves on being highly respected tax attorneys for over 30 years.

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Helping You Understand Your Taxes

We understand that taxes can be complicated, and that is why it is important to have an expert by your side. Our team of experienced lawyers can help you with complicated taxation matters such as:

  • Real estate taxes for buying and selling
  • Business taxes
  • Litigation over disputed taxes

Besides these services, we offer legal counseling and advice on a wide range of other tax issues. We are ready to help you simplify your taxes. We have a full understanding of federal and Colorado tax laws and are ready to make sure you understand your tax burden and help ease some of the stress that taxes can bring.

We Help You Deal With Taxes From Your Estate

Planning your estate is an important step to take to ensure the financial security of your family. Our attorneys are experienced in estate planning, administering estates and trusts to make sure that clients’ wishes are granted after they pass. We can help your family understand the taxes that come with estate planning and will help ensure that they are paid correctly so they are not hit with an unnecessary tax bill.

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Our firm is dedicated to solving your complicated tax issues as diligently and efficiently as possible. To set up a consultation, call Watrous | Goodwin | Reha at 720-594-7400 or send us an email today.