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Understanding Noncompete Agreements And Covenants For Employers

When you are a business owner, your first priority is protecting your business and your assets. Companies often have special software or techniques that are used only within their walls. When you hire someone who gets access to this knowledge, you either need to protect it or make sure they do not take it to another company or use it themselves after they quit.

At Watrous | Goodwin | Reha, we are a leading Colorado law firm when it comes to noncompete agreements and protecting your business. One of our founding attorneys, John F. Reha, is known as “Mr. Noncompete” because of his contributions to this area of law. When it comes time to protect yourself and your businesses, you can trust our experience.

We Can Help You Deal With A Noncompete Crisis

Information may well be the most important asset in the world. We live in an information economy. A noncompete agreement or covenant is a legal document that allows employers and business partners to receive written consent that an employee will not disclose company trade secrets or engage in competitive behavior. We understand how scary and frustrating it can be if a former employee breaks trust.

When you have found yourself in the midst of a noncompete issue, you need an experienced team of lawyers by your side. If you do not have the proper documentation, you may not be able to go to court, so we will help you get all you need to fight for your business. Whether an employee left and took their team with them or went to a new company and spilled secrets, we are ready to help.

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We Help Businesses Protect Themselves And Their Secrets Upfront

We can help you put a preventive plan in place to make sure no employee can leave and take your secrets with them. We can also help ensure that your top employees do not leave and compete right away.

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Trusted Noncompete Attorneys With Extensive Experience

Our goal at our law firm is to work quickly and diligently to help you resolve your issues. We have the knowledge to provide individualized legal representation to all of our clients. To schedule an appointment with Watrous | Goodwin | Reha in Littleton, call today at 720-594-7400 or fill out our online form.