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There are three federal statutory systems for the protection of intangible information: patent, copyright and trademark. There are numerous state protection statutes as well, primarily the Uniform Trade Secrets Act (UTSA), which Colorado adopted as C.R.S. §7-74-101, et. seq.

In addition, contractual protections are available to those who wish to protect their intangible asset base through such devices as covenants not to compete, trade secrecy, nondisclosure agreements, nonsolicitation agreements and the like. In Colorado, however, significant statutory restrictions exist as to noncompete agreements, which means that extra care must be devoted to developing noncompete agreements that will be valid in Colorado.

One of our founding attorneys, John F. Reha, is a noted business law authority on intangible asset protection issues in Colorado. He has successfully represented management and employees regarding noncompete agreements, trade secrecy issues and unfair competition matters for more than 30 years. Call 720-594-7400 to schedule an appointment with Watrous | Goodwin | Reha to discuss your legal options.

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