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When constructing a limited liability company, a partnership, a corporation or any other business that is dependent upon information, it is vital that effective measures be taken to identify, quantify and protect the ownership of such information.

Whenever more than one person is forming a business as a collective venture, invariably each person brings something to the table. It might be the idea on which the business will be built. It might be management systems that help the company to survive financially. It might be certain key client relationships. It might simply be that thing that makes the world go ’round, money.

Everyone’s contribution is typically necessary, and successful business formation requires each person’s contribution to be measured, valued and given the relative degree of importance it merits, typically in the form of respective shares of ownership in the venture, at the point of organization. Further, continued contributions to the venture’s overall success should be continually determined, valued and quantified.

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At Watrous | Goodwin | Reha, we build long-term relationships with our clients. We guide clients through these fundamental, critical structure challenges, and we do it with acumen and creativity. We structure business organizations with a focus on evaluating and capturing tangible and intangible assets and determining appropriate ownership interests of those involved.

Our attorneys have advised numerous clients in these areas and have successfully handled many large disputes, including many trials in courts around Colorado. Our firm in Littleton also assists business owners and buyers in relation to business sales, business purchases, noncompete agreements and other business contracts.

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