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March 2015 Archives

Tailoring a business plan to attract lender capital

A business owner in Colorado may know that a business plan might be essential to running a focused organization. It is also a useful tool when attempting to get investment capital or a loan from a bank. When writing a business plan with an eye on getting a loan, there is key information that might help the lender make an informed decision.

Matters to consider before launching a business

There are a few steps Colorado business owners can take before they open their doors that might prevent expensive litigation down the road. Entrepreneurs who are starting a business with no employees must be sure to treat their business like a business. The first step is to form a legal entity for the company. Without this in place, business owners who work as independent contractors or consultants risk losing their personal property if a dissatisfied client sues for damages.

Protecting your trade secrets

Your business secrets may be among the most valuable assets you own. From product designs, formulas and recipes to client lists, businesses are often built on the strength of their secret and other closely-held information. Fortunately, the law provides protection for your secrets should anyone release the information to competitors or the public. However, to qualify for protection under the Uniform Trade Secrets Act, secret information must meet two important criteria.

When to use an employment contract in Colorado

In many cases employment is considered at-will, which means an employee can quit at any time. However, an employment contract may make it harder for an employee to leave or might provide protection to an employer if a worker decides to move on. Some common terms of an employment contract include a non-compete agreement and a nondisclosure agreement.

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